Travel to Hostile Environments

Do you regularly travel to hostile environments to carry out your day-to-day work?

Do you have clients who insist on meeting in remote locations?

‘Travel safe’ lectures will inform and educate your staff as to the do’s and do not’s of working in hostile environments, including transiting to and from the airport, to where to select their room on arrival at their chosen destination.

Teaching from experience gained in Pakistan and Afghanistan to South and West Africa, our staff will provide practical and informative real life instruction to make your journey not only smoother but also safer, enabling your business to follow suit.

Lectures will cover topics like:

  • Dress and appearance
  • Suggested items to carry on your person and in your luggage
  • Route planning
  • Selection of meeting places
  • Lost procedure
  • Hotel protocol

Talis Solutions Ltd can also supply qualified former British military or police CPO (close protection operatives) should they be required.